Aquatic Animals

“Life started from the oceans”




Genie world of aquatic animals is almost as many as one will find in the seas. It ranges from the friendly Dolphins to the dreaded Great White Shark, Seals, Killer Whales, and Sea Horses etc. We also have Octopus, Manta Ray, Angle Fish, Porpoise, Sea Otter, Sea Lion and Penguin and a Coral Reef eco-system. Like all Genie Toys, these are also available in different sizes.




“Porpoise “ tends to be a general term used, particularly in N.America, to mean small dolphins. They live mainly along the coast, but also in some rivers and open sea. They are typically shy creatures and rarely perform the acrobatic feats of dolphins. They tend to live alone or in small groups, as result most porpoise are poorly known. They rarely grow beyond 2 meters.

Melon Headed Whale

Killer whales are related to dolphins and beluga whales. Though they are found in most oceans, they are typically seen in colder waters they eat small animals like fish, and also very large animals, like big whales, but not like to eat people. They make friends with people


Penguin with Baby

They live on the coast of Antarctica, South America, Africa, and Australia and in many islands in-between. They cannot fly. They use their wings as flippers for swimming in the cold seawater. They swim very fast, dive for fish and can jump high out of the water to return to land. Usually they live in groups. In cold places they often build nests out of rocks. But some do not. They hold the eggs on top of their feet. The father penguin keep the eggs warm while the mother is away.


Dolphin Floppy

The dolphin family contains 26 varieties of recognized species. They like to make friends with people. They are often found in large groups. Working as a team they hunt large school of fish or squid. They talk to each other through clicks and whistles and can often heard above the water. Playful and active they often seen leaping and somersaulting high into the air.