Toy Manufacturing Process


Genie Toys?in-house Designers first develop the toyथsign. Starting point for this may be an idea suggested by the customer or samples.


Once the creative aspect of the toyथsign is approved, it proceeds to detailing of fabrics and attachments. Fabric튠 colour, weight, pile height and print have to be decided and specified to fabric makers, who will manufacture a small yardage for approval. Likewise, design of eyes and any other attachment is also finalized and sent to component manufacturers. Designers also determine the quantity of stuffing material to be used to give the toy shape without losing softness and cuddly feeling.

Prototype Making

Designers make samples for the customer proval. Any comment or modification suggested by customer is incorporated in the design.


Heated die fabric cutting

Hydraulic die fabric cutting


From the concept and sketches of the approved design, Designers move to the stage of making a set of cutting patterns on cardboard. Such templates are provided to the Fabric Cutting section. 


Fabric Cutting section lays out the templates into a pattern that maximizes the number of pieces available from a unit area of fabric. Dies are made in accordance with this pattern. Genie Toys uses 3 different methods for cutting fabric: (a) heat cutting whereby the reverse side of a fabric is cut using electrically-heated dies; (b) several layers of fabric is hydraulically cut using hard steel dies in a hydraulic press, and (c) several layers of fabric is cut using a moving blade cutter. System (a) is used to cut Vonnel fabric and those with long pile, whereas (b) and (c) is used for cutting Velboa and other short pile fabrics.



Immediately after a cutting die is made, a trial set is cut, stitched, filled and finished in the Production Department. After the oakley sunglasses Designer concerned approves it, production of order quantity is started.

Sewing Hall

Sewing  Machine Operation


Cut pieces are machine stitched on the reverse side and then attachments (eyes, nose etc) are put in place and sealed. The item is then usrsed?through an unstitched portion left on it.

     Pneumatic attachment fixing



Polyester fiber opening


Compressed polyester fiber is ८ed?from the compressed stage in which it arrives from its manufacturer and the quantity specified by the Designer is put into toys using a stuffing machine or manually depending on the size and type of toy. The ray ban outlet unstitched portion is then closed by hand sewing and the outer surface of the toy is cleaned using a wire brush and compressed air. Each piece is electronically scanned to detect and remove any metal particle and then packed into polybags and then put into cartons.

Toy stuffing machine in operation

Hand sewing and Finishing section


Scanning for metal and cleaning before packing



Cartons have purchase order data and quantity information printed on them. Packed cartons are loaded into marine freight containers and exported.

Manufacturing of Masks, Hats and Moulded Components


Plastic masks, hats, caps and moulded components used in toy making is another specialty of Genie Toys. Caps and hats can be made to customers' specification and printed with your logo, company name or message to make them your special occasion give away or souvenir.